Why Do We Bike?

Why Do We Bike?


Biking to us is a symbol of a small revolution of love through the way that we choose to live our life. By no means, are we perfect-but biking to us helps remind us to love others and move along in a journey without using fossil fuels that have so often caused wars and harm in many countries.  Biking is a way to see the country, meet new friends and see how beautiful the country is. A new friend of ours gave us a sticker that I  have stuck on my front bag on my bike that says, “TV sucks, ride your bike.” This saying can probably be taken various ways-but for us it has transformed a bit.  We’d like to say turn off your tv and get outside. Media so often portrays all the bad things that are happening in the States, but we have not encountered one “bad” person along the way.   People are so giving and kind.  Often folks go out of their way to get us food, hand us money or just say hello and are so interested in what we are doing.  We think that this may be one way that leads to the peace that Jesus is calling us to follow.  If we just take the risk to go out into the world, and see people and meet them we will find that people are kind and want to love humans.  Humans were meant to love each other, not fight with weapons.  That is what we are finding on our journey-people are kind and loving- so contrary to what the media is putting on the tv and the internet.  Yes, we are taking a risk by biking on the road-but if we just stay in our homes and never come out we will miss out on all the gifts people have to share with us and even you!

May we have the boldness to invite strangers into our lives-and share our gifts with others. May we have the courage to receive the gifts from folks as well. May we have the fearlessness to receive forgiveness and give forgiveness in our lives!

Let’s continue the revolution of love,

Rebekah Maldonado-Nofziger

Virginia Beach , VA

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