Where in the World Are We & What are We Up To?

Hello all-

We are currently in McPherson, KS. We made it in yesterday and celebrated our 3,000 mile mark with milkshakes at Sonic (which is a popular fast food out here in the Midwest). We are staying with some Church of the Brethren folks.  They are amazing people.  I jumped into their pool as soon as we biked in!

Here we will share what we have been up to:

Council Grove, KS- We stayed with warmshowers folks-Sharon and Paul.  Absolutely great people! They shared great stories with us and had great food.  Paul biked out with us towards McPherson for about 10 miles. We are always excited when folks bike with us on the journey.IMG_4512

Topeka, KS- On the way to Topeka we made it a goal to make it to Lawrence, KS before 11 AM to see the USA soccer world cup vs. Germany. We did it-and it was super fun! Then we went on to stay with Church of the Brethren (COB) folks-Laura and Dylan.  Dylan is the pastor of Rochester COB.  They had a great supper for us and took us to see the equality house downtown. Laura and I talked about our journey living on a farm.  Good memories!IMG_4504

Kansas City, MO/KS- We biked into Kansas City, KS and spent sometime with a fellow volunteer-Connie.  She is working with the homeless population and really seems to be able to connect with the local people.  We ended up staying with the Shade Tree Collective. They have a beautiful garden on their property and a tiny house in their backyard! We played a board game King of Tokyo which was super fun! We enjoyed our time!IMG_4494

Lawson, MO- First of all, whoever said Missouri is flat–we really got some roller coaster hills. We stayed with Terry and her husband-in which we found on warmshowers website.  They are again beautiful people. Terry had cleaned and prepared the house all day for us and we arrived to warm just out of the oven cookies.  We had a great supper and eat creme brulee outside on the porch. What a day! WIMG_4488

Trenton, MO- We stayed with Mary and her family-in which we found on warmshower website as well.  They were great hosts.  We were especially excited to arrive there as we had not taken a shower in a couple days.  They made an amazing meal, and we spent some time with their kids.  Chelsea play Mario Cart and War. IMG_4482

La Plata, MO- We biked 50 miles before 10:30 AM to make it in time for the Quaker Meeting that was being held at the Possibility Alliance (and we made it)! I like to explain the Possibility Alliance as more or less Amish but they wear modern clothes.  They live almost completely off the land and are doing really incredible things.  The folks there were quite welcoming.  We jumped in their pond to get refreshed.  We also went over to the next door neighbors and saw the 2nd USA world cup game!IMG_4478

Rutledge, MO- We biked 100 miles plus on this day.  In the morning Michael Miller-one of the panamerica bike rider boys rode with us for a short time in the AM. It was his birthday-so we got a coffee cake out and put a Twizzlers on the cake as a candle before we parted ways.  We also celebrated in the wee early morning with Christmas/Hanukkah looking candles. It’s amazing what one can do with little resources to celebrate a birthday! We got into Rutledge around 7PM just in time for a camp fire to celebrate the longest day of the year also known as the summer solace party at Red Earth Farms. We camped that night.IMG_4467

Mt. Pleasant, IA- We left Iowa City in the AM and biked to Kalona, IA to spend sometime with Ed and Mary Jane Miller who we got connected through a college friend of mine.  They showed us around the Amish country and went to the Amish stores.  They invited us out to eat for lunch as well. What a fun time! Then we continued on to stay with some family friends, Doug and Donna Roth.  Doug and and his daughter Madison will be biking from their place to Orville, OH area-we will be thinking of them along the way!!IMG_4468

Iowa City, IA-We stayed with Micheal Miller’s sister in Iowa City-Renee.  We met up with Micheal in Mt. Vernon, IA and from there we biked with him to Iowa City.  He routed the way from Mt. Vernon to Iowa City-which was a nice break.  We ran into some hard pouring rain- but it was over in short time.  Renee made some great food, and Micheal made brownie’s in a cup.  It was great.  Overall-a great time.   I met up with a college friend in the AM-Jill.IMG_4463 IMG_4466 IMG_4461

Monticello, IA- We went to Camp Courageous to see some fellow Brethren Volunteer Service folks-Sam and Luke.  It was a good time.  We were able to go to the ice cream social the staff was having that night-and boy was that good!  Sam and Luke are doing good work at the camp. The camp works with folks who are disabled in various ways.image

Clinton, IA- We woke up at at 4 AM to leave Rockford, IL to make it to Clinton, IA by 4PM.  We were ready to leave by 5AM but it was raining really hard and thunder and lightening. So, we went back to bed in our bike outfits waiting for the rain and all to pass. We ended up leaving by 6:15AM and not getting into Clinton until 7:00 PM. We missed eating with the sisters at the canticle, but  Brenda-the Catholic Spiritual Formation Leader-took us out to eat with Father Ken. She gave us a tour of their beautiful Catholic Church, and we had a tour of the Canticle.  The sister are of the St. Francis Order so they were particularly intrigued to meet us.  We had such a wonderful time with everybody!IMG_4449 20140617_210727

Rockford, IL- We stayed with the Sarpiya Family.  What a treat. We arrived just in time to see the world cup game at their house! What a great family to watch the game with! The girls in the family serenaded us with playing their violins and the piano.  That was another great gift to receive!! Lots of love-RebekahIMG_4438 IMG_4437 IMG_4436IMG_4434




Virgina Beach, VA

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