Hello all-

We have been having a great time out here on bikes.  We left the Church of the Brethren National Youth Conference and headed our way north and soon we will go west. We just hit our 4000 mile mark today! Our friends from Canada-Bryan and Nick- joined us in Fort Collins, CO and will be heading to the coast with us.

From Fort Collins, CO we re-routed and went to Laramie, WY instead of Walden, CO-hoping to avoid some mountains on the way.  I was racking my brain to remember who I  knew in Laramie, WY and remembered that I met a friend in Bolivia who is originally from Laramie, WY.  I found out she was in Spain walking the Camino de Santiago, but knew that her mother is a professor at the University of Wyoming. So I googled Professor Miller at the University of Wyoming. I ended up emailing her the night before we were coming- and she called the next day and said we could come! It was so fun and we were so thankful to have a great place and receive such great hospitality from them! Myrna was waiting on us at her office with strawberries, ice cream and chocolate cookies!!! What a treat!!!!

We have gone through some great great country.  Who would have known that Wyoming is so pretty!  Biking through Saratoga, WY is quite an impressive place to bike through and just be.  It was hard biking up  the great big mountain but so worth it.  Other day riders were going up the mountain and during our break times I would run out close to the road and cheer them on.

We are headed in the  next couple days to be through the National Yellowstone Park.  We are looking forward to that adventure.

Take care!


virginia beach, VA

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