Taking the Risk

We woke up early to get a head-start, on what we knew was going to be a big day. Even when getting to bed early, 5am comes way to quickly. Starting on the North East side of Columbus, and going to the West side of Dayton, OH, we figured we’d hit our 2nd 100 mile day – which wasn’t what we intended to do.  It was slow going at first, navigating through the city, we did get help from avid cyclist who showed us the way and took a selfie with us! These Ohio bikers are proud of their trails, and for good reason! Bike selfieAfter 20 miles we hit a trail and started booking it! Keeping a steady 16 mph speed! Even for blazing a trail, we still met some pretty cool people. Around noon we biked into our 1st other cross country biker!! Hun, from South Korea, had lunch with us on the side of the trail. He told us he ran into some other bikers headed across the country, to the West, hours ago. More tourers going West! But, to far ahead to catch… at least we thought! Hun at lunch Hours later we ran into another two avid cyclist in Ohio, who loved their trails, for good reason! And they told us that just a few minutes before they saw us, they ran into two other cyclist going across the country! We had closed the gap, with our blazing speed!


Sure enough, about 12 miles away from our destination, we ran into these two cyclist, taking a break in a park! Yes! But, we were already pushing for time to get to our scheduled dinner that night, where we were the special guest!  We chatted a little, about where we’ve been, and how the roads have been. Finding out that these guys had been camping pretty much the entire time, hadn’t had showers in 10 days, and had been eating at McDonalds to use their free wifi. And then,… we left. We had a dinner to get to, warm showers to take, and we were already a little behind schedule to make it to our host’s house.  image
Not 1 mile into the trek it hit us – what were we doing? We should invite them along!We’re going around this summer talking about sharing God’s Love through service, and we just left these two guys in the park.  I quickly called our host and got the okay as Rebekah raced back to invite them along before they headed off. It didn’t take much convincing to have them join us. And the 4 of us where off!image
We decided that the 4 of us should bike together the next day for the company, and then one day ended up being 5 more days! It was such a blast to have them along, to share in part of our journey. We’re finding more and more on this trip how wonderful people are if you take the risk to talk with them. It would have been so easy to leave the guys in the park, and we were close to doing that. But because we went back, and because each of our host were open and willing to have 2 extra strangers stop by, it added many blessing to our trip.
A big thanks to those host who let some extra guest stop along, and to Nick and Bryan for joining along for the adventure.
Goshen, IN

2 thoughts on “Taking the Risk

  1. “We’re finding more and more on this trip how wonderful people are if you take the risk to talk with them.” –Your blog of 6-11-14

    Yep, and it will continue!

    Go, girls, go!

    — YFU Larry

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