Sunday May 1, 2014

Woohooo! We made it through our first month of biking!

It’s been fun biking!  Looking back it is quite overwhelming how great people are that we have encountered on our trip.  People are soo loving, giving and caring.  We spent lots of time out in the east coast and went over lots of mountains and hills but we did it! We are getting to the flat lands and are excited for that break.  Ohio has had beautiful bike trails extending from the North to the South of Ohio. I am from Ohio and I did not know that Ohio had such a developed bike trail that extends long and far. Woot woot for Ohio!
Today, Chelsea and I are in Cincinnati, Ohio and we had our break day today which means a day off from pedaling.  We attended the local Church of the Brethren Church. While we were at the church we were asked to do the children’s story.  We described how biking is so similar to life. There are hardships along the way-and sometimes we want to give up (especially up the big hills and mountains)-but with the support of a bike partner, church community, and friends-hardshps can often be pushed through with the support of a larger community.  We also shared that God loves everyone and we can share that love to those we encounter. It has been so fun meeting new people and making new friends.  Most recently, we ran into some brothers who are biking across the country (they started in Canada), and we invited them to tag along with us for the upcoming days.  They decided to come with us and we have been having lots of fun biking with them.  It’s fun to meet fellow bike tour folks along the way.  At the end of the children’s story-we took a picture with all of them- thanking them for becoming our new friends and encouraging them to love each other and those that they encounter!
Sending lots of love and adventure your way,
Children's Story Time photo 3 photo 2
Cincinnati, OH

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