Almost there!!!!!!!!!

Written on 8-14-14

As I write we are in Arlington, OR.  We are staying at a local church in town. We went to the local store and bought some rice and vegetables (and chicken=luxury) to make some yummy stir fry! It felt good to cook! Shortly after some of us went to the near by river and went for a quick swim that translated into my shower.

Exciting news! We are ahead of the game! We should make it to the coast on Monday instead of Thursday/Friday as previously planned. We are super excited about it! Our last day of biking, we will pass two mountain ranges but with two nights rest and adrenaline pumping-we will get it done! I will be able to spend more time with my family and Chelsea with  friends here in Portland.

Since Yellowstone we have taken on some more adventures. Chelsea had a broken spoke in Dillon, MT and could not get it fixed until 3 pm because the bike mechanic went to a concert up in Missoula, MT the night before and slept in. We did not have a place to stay in Wisdom, MT where we planned to stay so we decided we would do a all night-er with the boys to our next place, Hamilton, MT. We did it! We climbed three mountain passess that night and it was the only time we pushed our breaks to the core coming down the moutains since we could not see to far ahead of us.  We actually stopped and took hand breaks every once in a while because our hands were getting tired. At 8AM in the morning we arrived to our warmshowers host  and it was an amazing time. Our host made us a great breakfast and our beds were waiting on us.  We did 145 miles in one standing! I set a personal record of staying up this late ever in my entire life.

One of my personal highlights was making it to the Adventure Cycling Association (ACA) headquarters in Missoula, MT. What fun! I had heard that they give free ice cream away if you make it to theoffice-so that was what got me really going. We got our free ice cream, a tour of the office and all that goes on, as well as a photograph to go down in the ACA bicycling history books! Check us out on the Adventure Cycling website (we aren’t up yet-but we will be!)  The ACA is doing a great job developing nation wide bike routes! Check them out!

This bike adventure has been so meaningful to me. It has allowed me to receive the love and kindness that my neighbors/strangers around this country are so willing to give! This journey has also given me time to reflect on my life and think about goals I want to take on next! It has been great to meet folks who take us in and churches who take the risk to let us stay at their church. It has been overwhelming on how kind you all are out there! I cannot wait to cook and host you all if you ever come my way!

On a bummer note, I ended up getting my first flat on the road, four days before we hit the coast.  Though, for those who didn’t think you could make it on patched tubes the entire way across the country- I did it!

Onward to the coast tomorrow!!!


P.S. We are in Portland, OR now.  We spent some time with Church of the Brethren folks and attended the church. So fun and folks are so welcoming.  The boys and us walked around Portland, downtown. We got some of the famous Voodoo Donuts-yum and we stopped by the Powell Bookstore-talk about heaven! Lots of fun! I had a chance to connect with my cousins and it was super fun to spend time with them as well!


Virginia Beach, VA

2 thoughts on “Almost there!!!!!!!!!

  1. Felicidades!!!!!!
    I wish I was at the Beach to give you a Bear HUG to you, Chelsea and the Boys.
    Bryan and Nick thank you, for Blessing Rebekah and Chelsea with your company, you are amazing Boys!!!!!
    Hope that someday I will meet you Bryan and Nick. Stop by Pettisville, Ohio

    1. Chelsea and Rebekah. We at Salem Church of the Brethren are so proud of you.
      I have to admit that we were concerned about you being so young and pretty.
      Just goes to show you that the prayers of God’s people make a big difference.
      We pray that this adventure and you experiencing all of God’s wonders will stay with you a lifetime.
      Blessings to both of you. If you ever get back this way please let me know, our church would be excited to hear about you journey

      Blessings Pastor Rick and the Salem Church

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